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Wealth Management

Platform for decentralized wealth management

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What is the AWM?

Wealthman is a platform for building and running decentralized Autonomous Wealth Management Robo-advisors. It is a new generation of providing wealth management service using digital assets. Ultimate anonymity, safety, and platform control over efficiency of asset management.

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  • Effective individual approach
  • Security
  • Confidence
  • Availability
  • Competence
  • Promptness
  • Effective individual approach

    Possibility to compare different algorithms objectively, due to the rating system based on advanced risk profiling

  • Security

    Decentralized cash assets keeping and possibility to remain anonymous throughout.

  • Confidence

    Blockchain recording of algorithm ensures invariance of the selected management algorithm.

  • Availability

    Absence of minimum investment threshold allows investors of any wealth level to enjoy the services.

  • Competence

    Wider data stream and competition between algorithm authors creates the environment to reach the new quality level of.

  • Promptness

    Skipping client identification stage allows to speed up the process of effecting a contract significantly.

Our vision

Robo-advisors pick up steam in the world of investment, currently over $200 billion are managed by robo-advisors. We believe that the future of wealth management belongs to robotization of all processes.

Use cases

Algorithm-based capital management

The platform provides for the opportunity to place cash assets under algorithm-based management, where trading strategy is chosen by individual approach based on risk profile

Creation of algorithm and sale of wealth management services

If you are a professional working in capital management, AWM will provide you with the opportunity to create your own portfolio management algorithm. The platform will verify its effectiveness and ensure receipt of relevant compensation




Wealth Management R&D

  • Team building and Concept development
  • Development of end-to-end business process of asset management and automation thereof
  • Development of risk profiling methodology
  • Writing the Whitepaper
  • Creating the pool of customers


2-3 Quarter 2018

ICO Period

  • Pre-ICO
  • Effecting the smart-contract and start of ICO


2 Quarter 2018


  • Development of alpha version interface for the investors
  • Development of alpha version interface of managers
  • Creating the prototype platform, start of testing.
  • Infrastructure development and members involvement


3 Quarter 2018

Start of sales

  • Release of the platform’s beta version
  • Launching the PR campaign
  • Attracting the market participants to the wealth management platform

Our team

Andrey Gusev

Author of AWM business model

Daniil Grishin

Co-author of AWM business model

Nikita Pruss

Leading project manager of “Measure Capital” company

30% bonus for early birds